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a little something extra, just for parents.

what is parent support?

Our parent support care connects you with one of our licensed therapists to talk through any questions, wonderings, or concerns regarding your kiddo's behavior and developmental needs; it's flexible, "use as you need it" support. We provide individualized and actionable plans and ongoing support throughout your parenting journey. Phone and video consultations are available as needed. And no need to worry about your support purchase expiring; our team is here for you through all the little and big feelings and behaviors!

perfect for parents who want access to a qualified behavioral specialist:

  • You have concerns regarding how to best support your kiddo's behavior, communication, social /emotional skills, independence, etc., and are trying to figure things out from the ground up. 

  • A doctor, therapist, and/or neurological testing suggests that behavior therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy (OT), will benefit your kiddo, and you'd like help figuring out how to move forward. 

  • Your kiddo's teacher has concerns about their behavior and/or academic performance. You want to consult someone for a second opinion, objectively understand the type of issues being presented, what questions to ask, and any other needed steps to ensure objectivity and effective support from both the teacher and school.

  • Your kiddo is beginning the enrollment process for Special Education services.

perfect for parents whose kiddo currently receives therapy:

  • You're interested in getting an outside consultation or a second opinion, to ask questions, vent, brainstorm, or share ideas.

  • Your child is enrolled in a Special Education program and you'd like guidance, to talk through your child’s education options, IEP, special education services, and advocacy consultation.

Talk to a qualified professional about your questions, wondering, and concerns regarding your kiddos. We use an incredibly flexible, “use as you need it” support approach. We offer an individualized, actionable plan and ongoing support throughout your parenting journey, as well as phone and video consultation available as needed, your purchase never expires.​

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