a boutique behavioral therapy practice built for kids & families

Olive Behavior Care understands that behavior therapy covers many skills such as self-regulation, independence, skill building, tantrums, academics, communication, social skills, executive functioning, and daily living. We work with children of all ability levels and behavior types. We work in-home, at school, via Zoom, or sometimes at mom or dad's favorite coffee shop. We believe that Olive Behavior Care can empower the possible!

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our care embraces all behaviors & encourages confident, zen parenting

Our approach focuses on specific foundational social and emotional skills needed for all children to be independent and successful in all areas of education and everyday life. 

We aim to encourage confident, zen parents who feel empowered to support their child’s appropriate behavior because we know that all parents are looking for a little guidance when difficulties arise.

client stories

"I've consulted Anna several times over the past two years regarding my son, Charlie. He's much more sensitive and stubborn than my first child, and I didn't know how to correct his behavior. Anna gave me easy, actionable tools and scripts to use with him. At first, I was uncomfortable with her recommendations as it was counterintuitive to my instinctual parenting style. But I recognized that my way wasn't working, so I tried it. And wow, Charlie responded so incredibly well and fast! Two years later, I feel like I know my son in a new way; the way he truly is is not what I expected of him. He's responded by trusting I'll understand what he needs in a crisis and can better communicate with me in those moments."

learning tools that support you & your kiddo

From Guess Who to liquid floor tiles, visual schedule ideas, Bananagrams, creative ways to "use your words," and how to be brave, our products and freebies are fun and educational for the whole family. Our learning tools focus on the building block skills that encourage independent and successful learners! 

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our passion is working with kids

At Olive Behavior Care, we believe that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy can empower the possible and achieve long-term success with early learners of all developmental abilities. Our team of licensed behavior specialists, master-level clinicians, dedicated educators, and lifelong learners' mission is to provide the best tools and guidance to kiddos and their families when and where they need it. We're here to help all children reach their long-term potential while supporting families in understanding their roles and responsibilities.