our pediatric behavior care focuses on patience & positive relationships that ensure long-term success

why behavior care?

Parents seek out behavior therapy for many reasons; most of the time, parents tell us that they are ready for a bit of outside, professional support! Yet, you've tried everything, talked to everyone, and your concerns persist. You feel your child would benefit from individualized coping strategies and would like to learn simple tools and tricks to help your kiddo! Or maybe your child is struggling at school, and you're looking for the next steps.


We understand that Behavior Therapy can be intimidating to parents because it feels like a big commitment; it can feel like you are admitting something is "wrong." However, we hope to squash those negative connotations because Behavior Therapy doesn't have to be scary, and seeking out help does not mean it's forever.

what is behavior care?

Behavior therapy helps children to be more mindful and aware of their emotions so they can react to big feelings in a socially appropriate and functional way. It targets your child’s behavior in any environment where support is needed. Our therapy has helped children at home, at school, at the playground, at school, and even at mom’s favorite coffee shop!

We use positive therapy techniques to teach children functional strategies to help manage emotions and advocate for their needs. Plus, our behavior therapy approach always includes parent coaching as we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all of our clients!

what behaviors do you target?
  • Social Skills

  • Independence

  • Mild - Severe Aggressive, Disruptive Behaviors 

  • Executive Functioning 

  • Academic Proficiency 

  • Daily Living Skills

  • Communication 

  • Safety Skills

who is it for?

Our behavior therapy truly benefits all children of all abilities. We say that often, but we mean it! Our clients range from children who have specific diagnoses such as Autism to children who require a little extra support. We work in-home, at school, and anywhere else your kiddo needs support! Parents who want to learn strategies, tips, and tricks to help their children through everyday struggles.

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